Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hendati Endare Heegerabeku (2001)

Featuring: Kashinath and others.
Directed by : Kashinath

When I first saw “Awale Nanna Hendati” I became an instant fan of Kashinath. His Amol Palekar-like portrayal of the common man and his problems was just very appealing. We needed one such character in our Kannada movie industry along with all the other giants who refuse to quit. While that movie dealt with an important and burning issue of dowry harassment (both ways) Kashinath instantly became a household name.

Unfortunately, that is quite possibly the only decent performance I can think of for Mr.Kashinath (apart from his hilarious rendition of the agitated director in Upendra’s Sssshh…). Somewhere between trying to portray “reality-as-he-sees-it” and pleasing the audience to enjoy crude and sexual comedy (again…as he sees it), Mr. Kashinath lost his place in my heart and quite possibly many others.

“Hendathi Endare Heegirabeku”(HEH) in fact is one of his decent performances. If you were to look past the amateurish editing, low budget setup (including everything from places, people, animal and things) and some bizarre acting from the “lead actress” in the movie…Kashinath actually manages to deliver partially. I downloaded and saw this movie just because I still have fond memories of the socially stuck brother he portrayed in “Awale Nanna Hendati” who has to put up with a non-stop talking machine of a mother and a non-stop ending up in trouble of a sister (Tara).

HEH is about Rama who has a textbook impression of what his future wife should be like. Yes, the same old cliché of Shakuntala jumping out of Belur and Halebeedu’s ruins and making breakfast for our poor chap. Although he has no education, no prospects, no job, no skills – he aspires to marry the ‘perfectly shaped woman’ keeping a courtroom dancer from the Hoysala dynasty as a prototype. His relatives and mother already have a girl ready for him aptly named Sita (when will this trend end?) who is not yet mature enough to marry our dreamer with “Erotica Illustrated” editions in hand all the time. He is not the least interested in Sita and rebels against her till the final 30 minutes of the movie! A good portion of the movie is spent in the girl asking him to marry her and him refusing to do so. This has several combinations which include the mother-the girl’s parents-the mother’s brother and his wife et al.

While this routine is going in an endless loop, Kashinath sir decides to go ‘fish’ in Bengalooru for the woman he yearns for. I kept thinking why he never visited M.G.Road or Jayanagar and kept wandering around remote locales of the city? As I have seen it, these areas are full of Hoysala creations (no offense meant to the fairer sex) and thus Rama would have no problem finding a replica of his prototype. Regardless, all he does is visually measures up the girl and nods his head in disapproval. This annoys many girls including his aunt (played by Girija Lokesh who was Kashinath’s mother in the former movie mentioned) who is seriously offended for being compared to some vegetables and drums.

A quick change in the pace occurs when the girl Sita finally and reluctantly agrees to marry a stranger her parents manage to dish out. What happens next is anyone’s guess. Or is it? I better leave it for you to undergo the ‘experience’ I had to so that you can appreciate the same.

Performances wise the seasoned characters like Girija Lokesh, Sunder Raj, T.Rama and Kaushik do their job. The leading actress is nothing more than a pair of eyes looking at the camera without as much as a genuine smile. I wonder if that was because she was not paid for the movie. Mr. Kashinath is at his boring best playing the uninspiring character of a guy who has no aim in life except bagging a Ms. Universe for a wife.

There is nothing technical about the movie. A few strategically placed camera angles showcasing some crude scenes and a few badly lit indoor sequences make the day. Comedy is ok but in parts – the kind of jokes that are *beeped* makes the goings on pretty tacky.

The message about looks are not everything is noble but Kashinath fails in delivering it with all the meaningless string of frames he has added. Let us have another intelligent and genuinely funny movie Mr.Kashinath…we are watching.

Yaaaawwwn….am I still writing? Wait…are you still reading? Let me wake us up then.

ShaKri rates this movie 1 out of 5.

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